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Pirohiv - open air museum of Ukrainian folk craft and architecture

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Pirohovo outlook:

 панорама Пирогово, Pirohiv; Pirohovo near Kiev, http://iloveua.org/article/110

Can you see all of Ukraine during one day?  And even more than that - to travel in time by a couple of centuries ago? 

Yes y
ou can, if you visit Pirohovo!
Less than an hour drive from the centre of Kiev  -  and you find yourself in the middle of a village lost in a forest 
and get a colorful holiday!
в Пирогово;  Pirohovo near Kiev, http://iloveua.org/article/110
Let me explain: Pirohovo (Pirohiv) is a museum of architecture under the open air.
Information: Pirohiv is an architecture and landscape museum under open air. It includes all main examples of historic and etnographic regions of Ukraine of ХVI – ХХ centuries. The museum was founded in Pirogovo village in the outskirts of Kyiv in 1969. Iis area is over 150 hectar, which conveniently accomodate over three hundred pieces of architecture. First visitors attended the museum in 1976. 
For more than 30 years this place is attracting visitors in summer, winter and other seasons. During summer holidays and weekends it appears to gather more people than famous Khreshatyk street. 
Choose at your taste, when you like to walk down the Pirohiv lanes.
Пирогово; Pirohovo near Kiev, http://iloveua.org/article/110
On «attendance» days the hills are covered by resting visitors who are having shashlyk (grilled meat), restaurants - are filled by lovers of home-like-food, and you can enter houses-museums, mills, churches and have a horse ride.
Пирогово, прогулочные лошадки; Pirohovo near Kiev, http://iloveua.org/article/110
If you are romantic - in local wooden churches (acting!) you can organize wedding. Nice choice!
On the market days on the central place in Pirohiv you can meet people in folk garments.
You can choose for yourself hand-made shirts, and in addition -  hats, bags, straw-shews, cushions, carpets, etc. 

You can also attend master-classes on pottery and other crafts: 
гончарное ремесло в Пирогово; Pirohovo near Kiev, http://iloveua.org/article/110

And all of this is surrounded by sounds of Ukrainian native music!
 Pirohovo near Kiev, http://iloveua.org/article/110
Those devoted to calm walking and privacy will choose to visit Pirohiv on weekdays, in order to avoid long lines to purchase entry tickets.
It's also a good idea to come here in Winter or Spring, to really feel yourself a resident of Ukrainian countryside.
Пирогово, в сельской хате, Pirohiv (Pirohovo) near Kiev, http://iloveua.org/article/110
You can choose a region at your taste: Transcarpatia, Poltava and Slobozhanshchina, Podolia, Polessie, or Southern Ukraine.
Пирогово, хата, Pirohiv, folk-house; http://iloveua.org/article/110
The nature will support the exhibition - hills are covered with Ukrainian 'hatas' (houses), clouds pouring over your head, 'troyka' of horses is running past a wooden church with a bell, 
black silouettes of mills against sunset – all this is worth an artisst brush and will sure satisfy a dreamer.
Pirohovo welcomes you! :)
Format of the journey: Ideal variant for weekend trip. 
Season of the year: any.

National museum of folk architecture and crafts of Ukraine is working without holidays six days a week (except Wednesday).
Open hours:  10:00 to 17:00.
(at 18.00 the houses close for visitors, but you can walk on the territory until late).

Schedule of the next events in Pirogovo - 2012
(Festivals, ceremonies and anniversaries)

22 and 23 September 2012 
The museum open-air national craft and architecture in Pirogovo (Pirohiv) holds a "Festival of Traditional Ukrainian food and drinks"
Time: from 12:00 to 19:00.

October 14 - 'Pokrova'

Map of the Pirogovo museum:
карта Пирогово, Pirohiv map
Symbols on the map:
1. Naddnepryanschina (Middle Dnieper)
2. Poltavschina
3. Marshy woodlands  (Polesie)
4. Podolia
5. Carpathians
6. South of Ukraine
7. Folk crafts
How to travel to Pirogovo by shuttle bus or trolleybus:
1) shuttle bus number 172, comes from the square "Ploscha Leningradska"; 
2) trolleybus number 11, comes from Metro station "EXHIBITION CENTER" to "AKADEMICIAN ZABOLOTNY street". 
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