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The Ornamental Cabbage

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     In a botanical garden of Minsk I have paid attention to cabbage of special appointment. It is the Ornamental Cabbage or Ornamental Kale.
The flower bed with these exotic vegetables looks non-standard.


If you look at ornamental cabbage from above, then you receive new nuances of visual perception.


The cabbage, which is similar to cocoes, also has an interesting sight.


All previous photos are made in a botanical garden.
Let's look now at ornamental cabbage on a flower bed in the city, near my house.


The ornamental cabbage, as well as the usual cabbage, isn't afraid of night frosts.
Moreover, the night frosts underline the original beauty of this cabbage.
The main thing to protect a flower bed both from usual goats, and from the "ornamental" ones.
The cabbage precisely is afraid of goats. :)

Author: Fokov Gennadij

This article is the English version of original article (in Russian).

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